5 Brands That Collaborate with Small Influencers on Instagram

In this article, we will talk about brands that collaborate with small influencers.

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Nowadays, brands are willing to compensate micro influencers for sponsored posts as they grow more and more conscious of their influence. The issue is that a lot of brands are unsure on how to locate these micro influencers.

Small influencers are those on social media who have fewer than 10,000 followers. They might specialize in a certain industry or region, share information on social media about their interests, and post sponsored content when working with sponsors.

5 Brands that collaborate with small influencers

Many brands fall somewhere between the spectrum of influencers, with some focusing on working with macro-influencers while other brands collaborate with small influencers on Instagram.

  • Nike

Nike is a well-known company with a focus on selling footwear, clothing, equipment, accessories, and more. It is adept at collaborating with influencers, particularly smaller ones. A few well-known Nike ambassadors who are small influencers have also been highlighted in numerous advertising campaigns.

  • Daniel Wellington

The Daniel Wellington watch brand, which was founded in 2011, currently generates more than $200 million in annual sales. Daniel Wellington watches shattered all records and became a staple item in just one year with the use of small influencers all around the world, even though they don't offer a luxury product.

Their approach is simple: Provide influencers with a watch or other incentives in exchange for a sponsored Instagram post promoting the brand and the chance to get featured on their social media!

  • Glossier

Glossier is another popular beauty brand that collaborates with small influencers on Instagram. The company chooses devoted fans who fit its aesthetic, and many of these people have modest social media followings. Thanks to their use of small influencers, they have established an extremely devoted group as a result of their brilliant marketing strategy.

  • Sperry

For the purpose of enhancing its social media branding and digital marketing strategy, shoe manufacturer Sperry is concentrating on Instagram. As a brand that collaborates with small influencers on Instagram, the ambassadors are given a budget to post their products on their feed and engage their communities and audience.

  • La Croix

An established and successful brand collaborating with small influencers on Instagram is La Croix. La Croix worked with the Whole30 nutrition plan and micro-influencers to promote their products in place of the conventional marketing strategies employed by other beverage businesses.

LaCroix actively encourages its fans to use branded hashtags like #LiveLaCroix and #LaCroixlove for a chance to be featured on their page. The company even works with influencers that have less than 1000 followers.

LaCroix even sends vouchers for free cases of its beverages to micro-influencers to promote collaborations with them.

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