Beauty Influencer Trends: Shopping Hauls for Cologne and Perfume

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If you've worked in the cosmetics or beauty industry for a significant amount of time, you've been familiar with the term "lipstick effect." In case you haven't been following along, "The lipstick effect" refers to the hypothesis that when customers are confronted with an economic crisis, they will be more likely to acquire luxury products that are less expensive. People will buy pricey lipstick, for instance, as an alternative to expensive fur jackets.

This phenomenon has been repeatedly demonstrated through data collected from consumers as well as beauty influencers. For instance, when the pandemic initially started wreaking havoc on the economy, tiny luxury products (like lipstick) proved to be the most resilient among beauty influencers and the following they cultivated. Not only did sales not fluctuate much, but people also kept producing and consuming social content that featured the use of modest luxury objects.

At this time, we are confronted with a new economically precarious climate. Let's have a look at the statistics, since it has been suggested by a number of articles that there may be further aesthetic trends that are proving out the lipstick impact.

The data collected from beauty influencers reveals a rise in the number of scent purchases. Scent is the latest product that is experiencing the "lipstick effect." We believe that beauty influencers and their audiences are, in fact, experiencing the "Fragrance Effect".

The pattern is also seen in the statistics on the influencers. In the past, fragrance was one of the beauty goods that was absent from "haul" films. This was due to the fact that the cost of a single bottle of fragrance was equivalent to that of three to ten different cosmetics or skincare products. However, we are beginning to notice influencers from a wide variety of backgrounds citing "shopping hauls" in conjunction with keywords related to fragrances.

Diversity among beauty influencers is essential for making content relatable. Because fragrance is typically more expensive than other cosmetic products, the "Fragrance Effect" might be seen as an even more severe form of the "Lipstick Effect."

It is likely to be most beneficial for firms that are interested in capitalizing on this particular beauty trend to form partnerships with a wide variety of beauty influencers. By doing so, you will not only be able to maintain the topic's relatability, but you will also be able to reach the many various types of customers that are eager to jump on the bandwagon.

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