How to Find Youtube Influencers

YouTube influencers can help brands reach out to new potential customers who are already watching related videos on the platform. People are considerably more inclined to watch a video produced by their favorite YouTuber that features your items in a more real way than they are to watch your brand's YouTube pre-roll advertising.

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Influencers on YouTube operate in a variety of fields, including technology, fashion, beauty, fitness, finance, and more. Shopping hauls including products from their favorite brands, product reviews, unboxing, livestreams, and how-to videos are all common types of YouTube influencer content. Brands selling items that benefit from more explanations and demonstrations can use YouTube creators to share this type of engaging and instructional material, directly impacting purchase decisions. The more in-depth you need to go to sell your product, the more sense YouTube influencers make relative to other platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

What is a YouTube influencer?

A YouTube influencer is known as someone who makes and uploads video content on YouTube in order to grow and engage with their online following. To be called a YouTube influencer, you must have a certain number of subscribers. Nano-influencers often have a few thousand subscribers (between 1,000 and 5,000), whereas macro-influencers have more than 500K., and micro-influencers fall in the middle.

Why work with YouTube influencer?

Video is widely recognized as one of the most engaging forms of content. It's understandable that people spend so much time on YouTube, the most popular internet video platform. Every day, almost a billion hours of video are watched on YouTube. As a result, brands may use it as a strategic platform to engage their audiences.

People go to YouTube to watch entertaining videos and learn about topics that they are interested in. It's the second-largest search engine on the internet, which means you have a big chance of reaching new visitors that are interested in your market specialty! Influencers play a huge role in this. Collaboration with YouTube influencers allows marketers to authentically offer instructional and entertaining videos about their products.

Influencers on YouTube grow their following by creating extremely engaging videos that showcase their personality and hobbies. They gain trust by posting on a regular basis, engaging with their followers in the comments section, and providing content that they want to see. YouTube influencers can help brands reach out to new potential customers who are already watching related videos on the platform. People are considerably more inclined to watch a video produced by their favorite YouTuber that features your items in a more real way than they are to watch your brand's YouTube pre-roll advertising.

Using YouTube influencers is a terrific way to develop compelling content for your target audience, and it also has the potential to result in sales. An overwhelming majority of individuals say they've bought something after seeing it advertised on YouTube. This demonstrates YouTube's potential as a significant platform in your paid media and influencer marketing campaigns. Now that you know the importance of partnering with them, let's get into the practical techniques for finding YouTube influencers:

Use Google and YouTube to manually search for influencers:

The old school method for finding influencers on YouTube is as straightforward as it gets. You can start by searching for influencers using keywords if based on your industry and products. As previously stated, YouTube is the second largest search engine that is meant to display the most relevant results based on your search keywords – often, videos rank on regular Google too – expanding your potential audience drastically depending on the keyword. If you're using Google, remember to filter your results by 'video' to make it easier to find YouTube creators without having to do the guesswork on which keywords yield video results.

You can also obtain extremely relevant results on YouTube by searching with hashtags. To make their material more discoverable, many creators may include crucial hashtags in the video description or title. You're extremely likely to find content from related YouTube creators if you look through the results of your hashtag search. You’ll notice plenty of brands use branded hashtags which their influencers in turn use to help classify their posts. Here’s an example below:

Finally, by browsing the 'explore' tab, you can identify relevant influencers on YouTube. This tab groups together popular videos depending on what you've already seen. You may also utilize topic filters to get a feed of the most popular videos in specific niches, such as fashion and sports.

While these methods are completely free and an excellent way to get to know renowned video creators in your niche, they aren't a foolproof way to locate the best YouTube influencers. For starters, with limited filtering options, you won't be able to conduct a highly targeted search for influencers as you would with a dedicated influencer database. When you search on YouTube or Google, you can see results from brands and media sources rather than purely influencers, clouding your results. Overall, these methods provide minimal precision and will take a long time to generate a list of relevant influencers, even though you might eventually reach your goal with enough trial and error.

Search for ready-made influencer lists

As influencer marketing has grown in popularity across virtually every sector, numerous blogs and online media have begun to compile lists of influencers in certain fields. It's a means for industry bloggers to spotlight the most popular influencers of the moment and provide brands with campaign ideas (and not to mention, rank on search engines too). Because influencer marketing has grown so much, it can be difficult to know where to begin if you want to find out who the top influencers are in each industry. With more creators joining social media every day, the market is quickly becoming crowded, and corporations are feeling overwhelmed. Looking at curated lists of top-performing influencers can help you narrow down your search and learn more about the qualities of creators in your niche. That said, these lists are extremely subjective and don’t really have a rigorous methodology behind them.

The sample below demonstrates how simple it is to obtain numerous lists of influencers in your niche, with all of the legwork done for you! A simple YouTube search for "fitness influencers" yields over 20 million results, with numerous top lists appearing on the first few pages. Yes, these lists might have the same influencer profiles, but they'll offer you an excellent idea of who the most well-known influencers in your niche are!

Use an influencer marketing platform

Using a dedicated influencer marketing platform is a smart idea for those seeking for both quality and quantity in their influencer search. Smartfluence, for example, has a vast influencer database of YouTube influencers (8 million and counting), making it easier to export lists of relevant influencers all at once. Using a database allows you to use far more advanced search filters, making it easier to locate the most relevant influencers straight away. You may search for influencers using Smartfluence’s influencer search engine using our filters, including location, engagement rate, language, keywords, hashtags, and even comparison profiles to generate lookalike audiences based on your favorite influencers! Influencer marketing platforms provide a more concentrated search, allowing you to identify the top influence profiles in a short amount of time.

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