The Step-by-Step Guide to Employing Influencers to Promote Your Company's Brand

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One of the most important skills that a marketer can have been the ability to network effectively and form new connections. However, the process of hiring an influencer does not have to be one that is drawn out and difficult. You are ready to get started on the hiring process as soon as you have determined the kind of influencer you want to bring on board, as well as the requirements for the campaign and the payment structure you intend to use.

Finding relevant influencers that fit your criteria is frequently the step that takes the most time in this process. On the other hand, that is not the end of the hiring process. In order to begin a new alliance, you need to acquire the support of your creators for the initial message that you send out to potential partners. After that, you will need to arrange a remuneration package with them and properly prepare them to participate in your campaign. The good news is that once you have secured the services of a high-performing influencer for your company, you will be able to collaborate with that individual on multiple initiatives. The findings of the survey showed that 56 percent of firms have collaborated with their influencers on many occasions.

If you are new to the concept of influencer marketing or are searching for a means to streamline the process of recruiting and onboarding influencers, then this comprehensive guide to how to employ an influencer is an absolute necessity for you to read.

How to effectively recruit an influential person to work with your brand!

The process of recruiting an influencer may be broken down into six simple steps. Here's what you must do in order to get influencers on board with your campaign after you have identified them, reached out to them, and gotten them involved!

• Make a list of the most influential people.

• Make a decision regarding your offer of compensation.

• Make contact with influential people and ask them to participate in your campaign.

• Discuss and agree upon the parameters of your campaign.

• Discuss the campaign outline as well as your goals for the content production.

• Put your name on a contract!

• Find the most influential people for your shortlist.

The first thing you should do is compile a list of influential people who you would like to collaborate with. In order to select the content producers who are most congruent with your company's ethos, you want to have a criterion-based check list handy. You'll be able to choose the most influential people for your campaign if you consider the following considerations and factors:

• Influencer's audience – does it fit your brand's target audience?

• The content of the influencer - does it connect with the values of your brand?

• Performance of the influencer: Does the influencer generate a high level of social engagement and conversions?

When it comes to finding influencers for your campaign, you have a few different options to choose from. The number of influential people you wish to bring onto your team, the amount of money you have available for recruitment, and the size of your current team should all be considerations when selecting a recruitment plan.

By looking through a huge database of creators, an influencer marketing platform that is dedicated to the task, such as Smartfluence, may assist you in finding influencers on a wide scale. Using this strategy, you will be able to search using a variety of sophisticated filters, including audience demographics, social media platforms, engagement rate, audience, and keywords. After that, you may start narrowing down your options by evaluating a wide range of influential people using a shortlist. If you have access to data regarding the performance of influencers, it will be simple for you to identify the top-performing influencers who have the most potential for your business. It is the most effective method for determining a significant number of influencers who are compatible with your brand.

The pairing of influencers

With this tactic, the identification of influential people begins with the network that your brand already possesses. You can identify prominent individuals who are already familiar with and enamored of your brand by conducting an analysis of the social reach data of your business’s customers, followers, and subscribers. Discovering organic brand advocates to recruit for a brand ambassador or affiliate program can be accomplished with remarkable success using this method.

Value proposition and pay

It is imperative that you provide influencers some sort of incentive to work with your company if you want them to accept your invitation to collaborate. The partnership needs to be advantageous for both parties; therefore, coming up with an alluring offer is going to be helpful in securing a collaboration. In addition to monetary remuneration, a successful value proposition might provide the customer with complimentary goods, invitations to events, and other VIP brand perks. You, as a brand, want to strike the optimal balance between providing an alluring remuneration offer and decreasing your expenses as much as you possibly can. Because of this, it is a cost-effective marketing strategy to provide customers with priority access to exclusive products, discount codes, or even free things. The influencer's estimation of the worth of these advantages is likely to be significantly higher than the real cost to the brand.

Engagement with influential people

The next critical step in learning how to work with an influencer is to contact them and extend an invitation to participate in your campaign. You need to get the influencer interested in enrolling for your campaign by writing a first message that is compelling, in which you present your business, aims, and values and get them interested in joining your campaign. Your initial attempt at outreach ought to be understandable and not overly lengthy. The influencer wishes to be able to quickly skim your message and extract the pertinent information so that they can decide on the spot whether they want to participate in the activity. Although the length of your letter should be kept to a minimum, it is important to include certain specifics that are relevant to the recipient. You can make a reference to a recent post that you found interesting or highlight how the core values of your company coincide with the material they provide.


After you have confirmed that your influencer is interested in participating in your campaign, the next step is to discuss the specifics of your collaboration. This entails coming to an understanding regarding the compensation, the timeline, and the expectations. It is in your best interest to make an offer of compensation right away, whether that compensation takes the form of complimentary products, a one-time flat charge, or the possibility of earning commission. There are no official criteria for determining how much compensation an influencer should receive; nonetheless, you could find this blog post about how much money to pay an influencer helpful in determining the amount of money you'll be willing to offer. When engaging in negotiations, you should strive to form relationships that are beneficial to both parties and that strike a healthy balance between the quantity of work required from the influencer and the amount of remuneration they will receive.

Just because a certain influencer has a large amount of audience engagement does not mean you should go over your influencer marketing budget. Because there is no way to tell when an influencer will make a viral post or for how long a creator will be popular, it is essential to adhere to your budget and collaborate with influencers who have a proven track record. This will increase the likelihood that your campaign will be successful.

A summary of the campaign

Your influencer should receive a copy of the brief for your influencer marketing campaign as soon as possible so that they may acquire a comprehensive understanding of the campaign's objectives and requirements. More in-depth information about the campaign is provided in the campaign brief than was presented in the initial outreach that you conducted. The brief will include key specifics such as a timeframe, directions to produce material, as well as dos and don'ts. You have the option of sending the brief either before the contract, at the same time as the contract, or after the contract has been signed. It may be beneficial to review the brief with the influencer before they sign the contract, particularly if you are running a complicated campaign that consists of numerous components or if you require your influencers to adhere to specific industry rules.

Agreements regarding the employment of opinion leaders

The final stage in the process of employing an influencer is to draft and execute a contract for the influencer's services. By specifying the terms and conditions of your contract and requesting both sides to demonstrate their dedication by signing the document, a written influencer agreement or contract can assist to bring the hiring process to a successful close. Because the terms and conditions of an influencer contract are laid out explicitly and transparently, signing one helps to develop confidence between the parties involved. It is a document that safeguards the interests of both parties and establishes the groundwork for a successful campaign.

You should now be able to successfully recruit an influencer for the next campaign you run. These six actions will assist you in establishing trust and cultivating a solid working relationship with your influencers, both of which are essential to ensuring the success of your campaign. In order to improve your chances of being successful, it is essential to plan out your influencer strategy ahead of time and maintain clear communication during the entire hiring process.

Be careful to follow each of these stages in order, regardless of whether your goal is to recruit a small number of influencers or to scale the influencer program you already have in place. They are applicable to all varieties of influencer marketing efforts, regardless of the objectives, audiences, or types of influencers being pursued. If you begin each campaign by consulting this list, which details each stage in order, you won't make any mistakes.

If you’re interested in learning more about influencer marketing and how Smartfluence can help you establish and scale your influencer marketing campaigns, feel free to book a demo here.

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