How to Earn Money as An Amazon Influencer on Instagram

Beginning in 2017, Amazon has offered an affiliate program that pays social media influencers a percentage of sales made as a result of connections to Amazon on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms.

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Create A Profile for Yourself

You must have an Amazon account in addition to a Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter account to be eligible for an Amazon Influencer on Instagram account.

Members must connect their social media accounts with Amazon in order to sign up, though the procedure differs depending on the site. According to Amazon's website, accounts on Twitter and YouTube are verified instantaneously, while those on Facebook and Instagram may take up to five days.

Amazon considers both the number of followers you have and the engagement rate to determine whether you qualify for the program. Although Amazon does not define the minimum number of followers required for the program, having more will improve your chances of acceptance.

Another critical indicator is the engagement rate. If you have thousands of followers but only receive two comments or reactions every post, it can affect your application.

Your website must include original, publicly accessible content in order to qualify as an Amazon Influencer on Instagram. This means that your account should feature original posts rather than just shared or aggregated stuff from other people, and there should be no paywalls.

Start Promoting Products and Services You Love

Amazon Influencers on Instagram have a storefront where they may display their videos and preferred products from the marketplace. Here, fans may browse the influencer's concept collections, videos, and images.

A practical approach to link to Amazon listings in images you post on social media is through shoppable photographs. Additionally, you might display them on your storefront. An influencer can interact with the audience and display their personality in real time by live streaming their shopping.

Get Paid Per Post

Influencers on Amazon get paid through referral fees from people they send to Amazon. For advertising the website, they get paid commissions directly by Amazon (not the manufacturer or owner of the brand). To calculate commissions, clicks and sales made using affiliate links are monitored.

In addition, the Bounty Program offers income opportunities for an Amazon influencer on Instagram.

Like the affiliate program, Amazon's Bounty Program pays influencers to promote Amazon's services and programs rather than third-party goods.

Influencers will receive commissions if users sign up for eligible Amazon services using their special connections, just like affiliate links do.

Grow Your Audience

In the modern world, being a content creator might take the place of a full-time career. But everyone who has worked in the marketing sector is aware that to maintain a consistent flow of cash and keep your followers interested, it needs more than simply a few adorable photographs.

As an Amazon influencer on Instagram specifically, the best practices we advise are to make your links obvious, know your audience, optimize your website, interact with your audience, and never stop developing if you want to stand out and expand your audience.

If you’re interested in learning more about influencer marketing and how Smartfluence can help you establish and scale your influencer marketing campaigns, feel free to book a demo here.

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