The Only Brand Guidelines You Need for TikTok: Do’s and Don'ts

Using TikTok for growing your business might be overwhelming for most brands. For brands, building a TikTok presence from scratch is a challenging process, but we are here to help. The platform immediately distinguishes itself from other social networking apps through its algorithm. However, don't dismiss TikTok as a fad. For brands of all sizes, the app provides a window of opportunity.

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Why should brands be on TikTok?

The advantages of adopting TikTok for brands are unmistakable. Here is a brief rundown:

- More social consumers are beginning their purchasing excursions on TikTok

- According to 67% of users of the app, even if they had no intention of doing so.

- Short-form video now provides the best return on investment (ROI) of any sort of marketing campaign.

- Users spend more time on TikTok than on any other social network.

The TikTok audience is devoted to the app and enjoys shopping there. Brands should strike a balance between entertainment value and marketing rather than interrupting viewers with advertising. Welcome to the social commerce age.

Consider this: rather than creating videos on TikTok, the majority of users are there to watch and learn. Learning the app's guiding principles and the mistakes businesses make is the first step in developing on TikTok.

Do: Focus your content strategy around creators

It is commonly known that user-focused content on TikTok has a beneficial impact for brand awareness. Videos with people in them are the app's main focus, whether they are from celebrities or regular producers. One of the most important unwritten laws of TikTok for marketers is to refrain from just posting videos of your items on their own. Additionally, there are several ways for designers to demonstrate those items in use. It's no coincidence that the top brands on TikTok prioritize their users and artists. This demonstrates the need of continually generating user-generated and influencer content.

Also keep in mind that unedited videos frequently go viral for companies. Contrary to Instagram, where appearance is key, TikTok users really adore spontaneous content. In contrast to great production value, videos with comedy and inventive editing receive style points.

After all, a smartphone is used to record almost all TikTok videos. Lo-fi content's dominance balances the playing field for brands. You don't have to create perfect content for TikTok! Instead of coming from a faceless corporation, your material should appear to be posted by a real person.

Do: Monitor the Most Recent TikTok Trends

Speaking of trends, TikTok is quite likely the trendiest social media platform we've ever come across. On the platform, a lot might change from week to week. On TikTok, new trends (and companies!) frequently become viral. We advise keeping an eye on them to stay informed. New capabilities and video formats (think: voice effects, filters, Stitches, Duets)

- Viral products (think of postings that go viral on #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt)

- Popular music for popular challenges or skits

Knowing all of the aforementioned information will enable you to leverage on popular formats and popular subjects. This demonstrates yet another benefit of working with creators. The best TikTokers are familiar with the most recent music, skits, and formats. That's because it's essential to their involvement and development.

Due to copyright constraints and the music collection of TikTok, brands are frequently restricted. Business accounts should preferably generate audio on their own or get a commercial music license. Working with producers who have unfettered access to popular music will help you get around these limitations.

Do: Consistently and Frequently Post to TikTok

TikTok's quick-paced nature so brands must be consistent. Once more, consistently posting new videos implies supporting the TikTok algorithm. On TikTok, there are no formal publication requirements for brands. According to conventional thinking, "more is better." Brands should certainly avoid compromising content quality for quantity. Nevertheless, TikTok's recommendation to publish every day stands out in comparison to other social media networks. Anecdotally, we observe several businesses that publish everyday (or near daily). It might be tough to maintain this level of volume. In particular, this applies to busy brands. Here are a few brief suggestions to think about:

- Try out spontaneous videos that you can record for yourself.

- Repost and repurpose your user-generated and influencer videos

Repost and repurpose your user-generated and influencer videos Double-dip the vertical short-form videos for your brand (when appropriate)

Nevertheless, some businesses do effectively cross-publish material from Reels to TikTok. If your video is appropriate for TikTok's audience and style, then this is acceptable. The descriptions and hashtags you use on Instagram should be different.

Don't: Get fixated on your brand's number of followers

The number of followers on a social media account is no longer the end-all and be-all. In all honesty, that was never truly the case for brands in the first place. Consider it in this way. Which would you prefer: 1,000 commenters on each article from superfans? ...or 10,000 inactive TikTok followers? "Bigger is better" doesn't apply to follower counts for businesses or creators. Here are some other things to consider regarding TikTok followers:

- The TikTok community adores "smaller" creators. The engagement rates of micro-influencers are higher than those of creators and famous people who have large followings. The platform's core users are everyday artists, and this is evident in their participation.

The application is still quite fresh. Almost every brand on the marketplace is expanding, albeit at varying rates. Even without thousands of followers, brands may still have a sizable TikTok presence.

Don't: Talk to your audience in a too salesy manner.

When it comes to advertising products and services, TikTok is exceptional. On the app, there are a ton of user communities. It's OK to feature items prominently in your videos. The problem? Your material cannot be presented as a sales pitch. We are aware that brands are influencing TikTok sales. However, "selling" does not include yelling "BUY NOW!" Being honest is perhaps the most crucial rule for marketers on TikTok. This holds true for your voice, material, and communications with other users of the site. Be approachable. Keep in mind that the TikTok customer journey entails interacting with marketers on many occasions throughout time. If your audience doesn't believe in you, those touchpoints won't matter anything. Brands may influence consumers favorably by being relatable. Humor and unedited information are successful because of this.

You may make a plan to develop your brand on TikTok now that you are aware of the fundamental dos and don'ts. Developing your brand on TikTok is crucial if you want to benefit from larger audiences that can serve as brand ambassadors. The potential for TikTok to take companies to new heights. Schedule a demo with our team if you'd like a free consultation on how to expand your TikTok account here!

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